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Midwifery Internship in Gambia, Brikama -- Stage Sage-femme en Gambie, Brikama

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I’m back and in a good mood - last weekend wasn’t funny at all because of bad news I got from Belgium; my twin sister at the hospital and sick boyfriend, but everything is okey now!!! :)

This week was a very good one!!! Especially my nightshift! I got a lot of practical things to do for the first time and it felt so damn good! First of all, I love working at night here so this was already positive to start my week with haha! It is always exiting for me to come at the labor ward (here in Gambia)! On Monday around 1930 we, the other girls and I, eat all together at the Wi-Fi spot at the hospital food from the market. Then after we go to the labor ward, say hi to everyone and then get dressed. After I check the board to see what patients we have and who has to be examined. Then I check around and then sometimes we choose the patients we want to follow. I love follow my patients from the beginning. This means that they come, I introduce myself, ask her “yellow” paper (pregnancy book), check her details and then explain them what I’m going to do: take her vitals (BP, P, T°), check the heartbeat of the baby and do a vaginal examination. Then on the basis of the results I start a ‘document’ (Early Labor / Partograph) for them. The partograph is started from 4cm VE. If the VE (vaginal examination) is under 8cm then the next exam is in 4 hours. When 8cm and more, the next exam is every 2 hours. In Belgium is a vaginal examination every 2 hours. I think the Gambian method is better because there is no need of unnecessary non pleasant VE. Most of the woman in labor don’t like it... Then I follow my patients and do a massage in the back when they want it etc etc. Thill they are fully (10 cm). I prepare everything for the labor; delivery set, oxytocin, the cord clamp, wrappers for the baby and a bucket  for the placenta. I then take my sterile gloves on and let’s do this!

I did two deliveries on Monday. For the first one I got to put an epis (episiotomy) because the perineum wasn’t big enough so that the head of the baby could pass easily. And theeennn I got to do the suture. To be honest I was kind of nervous because that was my first time doing that! But the girls, Eveline and Nikita, where there to guide me! I was so happy! And my next delivery, even if my perineum support was good enough, the patient got a little tear. So it also had to be sutured! Tuesday, I had one delivery (meeeeh) and it went very well and quickly too, without ears or a tear. Wednesday I have to make my delivery 40st!!!! It also has very good and very fast whaa! But it was a gravida 9, 8 parity (9th pregnancy), so that's normal. So I had no other deliveries that night! My last (42nd) delivery tonight was fine! And it was a BREECH !!! So what happened is that the baby was normal patient lying came.
When I was doing the Leopold handles to hear the baby's heart (sounds) with a doptone, I noticed that the head of the baby wasn't down. And the mom, she was already full with a lot of heavy contractions so she started pushing. I prepared everything quickly and I was again  ready for another one!! :D Midwife Neneh was also fast there to assist me and she let me do the delivery (yyeeeey !!!). I had practiced this case on several occasions for my exam and stuff so it went well and quickly - the arms and head weren't stabbed. Baby girl was born 10/3 at 06:15 am and weighed 2.4 kg. Despite this was a quick delivery (I had no time to do an epis), there was a small tear (grade 2). I thought it was bad for her because she looked so happy after her birth, and I had to explain that she has a tear and had to be stitched. She then said "No problem, it's your job." I explained everything I was about to do and use and I aslo reassured her.

This patient was really cute! She was so curious, what she said herself from the beginning, and so friendly! She said a thousand times abaraka (thank you) and gave me a lot of compliments. Secretly, she also asked if I was Docter me that so I wanted answers but neeh but not hahahha – I was then feeling myself haha). I felt really honored and felt that we had created a special bond, you know when you feel good and to a certain person, well that’s what I had that moment, even with her mom! She also received a small gift from Belgium for the baby - a packet (which was a bit too big for her) that was given by my "second" mom Ingrid for newborns here. The mom (and grand ma!)  was very happy - Thanks again Ingrid !!! :D

This was a very good week and I can’t wait for my other weeks! I hope you enjoy my blogposts about my internship as I do enjoy my experiences here. I wish I could do an outfit post but I will try (!!!) to do one. I’m also planning to talk about the food, the nature and other interesting things from here on my next posts so stay tuned alright. Ooh yeah, I was on a horse yesterday on the beach. You can check my Instagram for a video! Anyways – laterz!

Motivation of the week: “What do you have in your hand that you can use to be a blessing to someone else? “ - think about it, besos! :)

Nma Madinga kangu moye

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Midwifery Internship in Gambia, Brikama -- Stage Sage-femme en Gambie, Brikama

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Our fourth week here is about to start yeeeyy! Beside the missing of home, family, friends and boyfriends we are getting used to the Gambian life and according to people here, I look like a Gambian (wwhoaat?!) So everytime people see me they start talking to me in madinga or wollof (the most used languages here). The sentence of this post means that I don't speak madinga hahah. Ohh and we all got a gambian name by the way!! “Mto Adou leti” - my name is Adou. This is my Gambian name and the meaning of it is twin partner and is also the same als Adama. The midwives that gave me that name didn’t even know that in real life (?) I’m a twin hahah. Nikita is Fatoumata, Gwenny is Adama, Sara is Sira and Eveline is Awa. The name for the first born of the family here is called Fatoumata for the girl and Lahmin for the boy, that’s the Madinga tradition. I learn a lot everyday!!!!! :D

So I began my internship with a night shift with Awa (Eveline). I was impressed by everything! LITERALLY!!! People that work and give birth  at the hospital in Europe, be 1000000x thankful because you don’t know… YOU DON'T KNOW! We got that luxery and advanced material in Europe and still we complain! Ahh I just can’t .. People here do it with what they have and work for a small living and still they hold it (all) together! Really am still impressed! But I’m glad I live in Europe though …

We work 3 days a week of 12 hours and we work in the labor ward.
First week: Night shift - 6 deliveries done
Second week: Night shift - 6 deliveries done
Third week: Day shift Night shift : 4 deliveries done
I really loved my night shifts! I’m learning, exploring and experiencing a lot!

My births have so far gone well. I try to always follow my patients in a good way during the labor and to support them and help where I can. Communication in English is really not easy but I try to use some words that we learn from the midwives. Also, sign language is necessary here (but sometimes it is also not understood)! What I find is that everything here is done in a chilly way, everything is done without stress, that I've always experienced during my internships in Belgium. This is on one hand a positive point because now I am able to work on my organization in order to take and get the time to observe and follow everything so I do not forget anything. On the other hand, there is also a negative side to this chilly mood because there are certain things that should absolutely be done such as the reanimation of a baby in fetal distress and transferring a baby in distress to another hospital ... Let’s not talk about the hygiene!
I've had two births that were fetal death (mors in utero) and I think I've had two patients with a tear but my perineum support gets better and better every day (thanks for the tips Nikita!) :)

I am now at my 35th (out of 40 to be achieved births)! It was a very nice childbirth and the mom was very grateful for the help I offered her. It was her first birth and her first girl, the future Fatoumata. They give the children a name after a week.
I'm looking forward to my next week, again night shift. See you later! :)

~~ Notre quatrième semaine ici est sur le point de commencer yeeeyy! A côté du manque de chez soi, la famille, les amis et les pet
its copains, nous sommes habitués à la vie gambienne et selon les gens ici, je suis Gambienne (wwhoaat ?!) - ils disent tous que je ressemble a une gambienne! Alors quand les gens me voie, ils commencent à me parler en Madinga ou Wollof (les langues les plus utilisées ici). La phrase de ce poste signifie que je ne parle pas Madinga hahaha. Ohh et nous avons tous eu un nom Gambien!! "Leti Mto Adou" - mon nom est Adou. C’est mon nom de la Gambie et la signification est ‘partenaire jumeaux et est également les mêmes que Adama. Les sages-femmes qui m’ont donné ce nom ne savaient même pas que dans la vraie vie (?) je suis un jumelle hahah. Nikita est Fatoumata, Gwenny est Adama, Sara est Sira et Éveline est Awa. Le nom du premier-né de la famille ici est appelé Fatoumata pour la fille et Lahmin pour le garçon - qui est la tradition Madinga. J'apprends beaucoup tous les jours !!!!! :D

Alors j'ai commencé mon stage avec une équipe de nuit avec Awa (Éveline). J’étais très impressionné par tout! VRAIMENT!!! Les gens qui travaillent et donnent naissance à l'hôpital en Europe, soyez 1000000x reconnaissants parce que vous ne savez pas ... VOUS NE SAVEZ PAS! Nous avons beaucoup de luxe et de matériel de très avancé en Europe et encore nous nous plaignons! Ahh je ne peux pas…
  Ici, les gens font tout avec ce qu'ils ont et travaillent dur. Vraiment je suis toujours impressionné! Mais je suis quand même heureux que je vis en Europe ...

Nous travaillons 3 jours par semaine de 12 heures de shift et nous travaillons dans la salle de travail.
Première semaine: Shift de nuit - 6 accouchements fait
Deuxième semaine: Shift de nuit - 6 accouchements fait
Troisième semaine: Shift du jour - 4 accouchements fait
J'ai vraiment adoré travailler pendant la nuit car c’est là que j’apprends et fais plus car c’est plus calme qua logiciel qui est présent. J'apprends, explorer et expérimenter beaucoup!

Mes accouchements se sont jusqu'à présent bien passé. J'essaie de toujours suivre mes patients dans le bon sens au cours de leur travail et de les soutenir et les aider où je peux. La communication en anglais est vraiment pas facile, mais je tente d'utiliser certains mots en Madinga ou wollof que nous apprenons des sages-femmes. Ce que je trouve est que tout ici est fait d'une manière calme sans pression, tout est fait sans stress, que j’ai toujours vécu au cours de mes stages en Belgique. Ceci est d'une part un point positif parce que maintenant je suis en mesure de travailler sur mon organisation afin de prendre le temps d'observer et de suivre tout pour que je n’oublie rien. D’autre part, il y a aussi un côté négatif à cette ambiance ‘chill’ parce qu'il y a certaines choses qui doivent absolument être faites comme la réanimation d'un bébé en détresse fœtale et le transfert d'un bébé en détresse vers un autre hôpital ... Je ne vais meme pas parler de l'hygiène !

J'ai eu deux naissances des enfants qui étaient déjà décédé (mors in utero) et je pense que j’ai eu deux patients avec une déchirure au périnée mais mon soutien périnée s’améliore tous les jours (merci pour les conseils Nikita!) :)

Je suis maintenant à mon 35 e accouchement (sur 40 qui doivent être obtenus)! C’était un très bel accouchement et la mère était très reconnaissante de l'aide que je lui ai offert. Sa première naissance et sa première fille, qui va être une Fatoumata dans l’avenir. Ils donnent aux enfants un nom après une semaine.

Je suis impatient de ma semaine prochaine, je vais retourner au night shift. À plus tard! :)


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Midwifery Internship in Gambia, Brikama -- Stage Sage-femme en Gambie, Brikama

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I'm in AFRICA - A happy African face!
Rightnow last year I guess that I couldn’t imagine that rightnow today I would be here doing one of the things I truly believe in, helping and learning from others and ENJOYING! 

As some of you know I am here in Gambia for my midwifery internship, it was mentioned in my last post. I wanted to tell you more about this choice before it was time to take the plane but I got very very very busy then. So now here I'm with 4 other students of my class Eveline, Sara, Gwenny and Nikita. We landed at the Banjul airport on Sunday night 14/2 and two taxis came to pick us up to bring us at our Lodge. We had a lot of luggage but the taxi drivers got creative! When we got here (I'm writing this from my bed) we went straight to bed because it were 8 exhausting hours of flight. We got up in the afternoon and then started visiting people, some markets and places around the corner by our super friendly guides Suso and Prince. Thank you so much guys!  Later that day we just chilled and enjoyed the sun. On Monday we got to meet the head of the Brikama Health Centre, sir Ngally A. S. and midwives that work there. Tuesday we chilled as well and on Wednesday we started our work in the labor ward! My next post (if possible) will be talking about my experience here as a ‘tourist’ and midwifery student – sorry for the ones that most of the time come here for the outfit posts… I’ll make it up to you once back in Europe!
I wish I could post as much as I would like but the internet here is slow. Also I don’t have my prof’ cam’ with me so all the pics are taken with my phone. And oh, there are here very beautiful places that I could imagine myself shooting outfit pictures but my lovely photographers are missing (here)! And I also didn’t bring a lot of clothes so what ever, maybe in the future who knows?

For what I can say now, even tough I was afraid to come here, asking if my choice was a good one, am super happy and thankful to be here! I like it very much and the people are very friendly! This is the best choice I’v made this year and thank you all who believed in me!

~~ Je suis en AFRIQUE - Un visage africain heureuse!
Maintenant l’année dernière, je pense que je ne pouvais pas imaginer que a ce moment aujourd'hui je serais ici en train d’aider et apprendre des autres et PROFITER !

Certains d'entre vous savent que je suis ici en Gambie pour mon stage de sage-femme, j’avais mentionné sa dans mon dernier post. Je voulais vous en dire plus sur ce choix avant qu'il était temps de prendre l'avion, mais j’étais très très occupé avant mon départ. Alors maintenant, je suis ici avec 4 autres élèves de ma classe Éveline, Sara, Gwenny et Nikita. Nous avons atterri à l'aéroport de Banjul dimanche soir 14/2 et deux taxis sont venus nous chercher pour nous amener à notre Lodge. On avait beaucoup de bagages mais les chauffeurs de taxi étaient très créatif! :D Quand nous sommes arrivés ici (j'écris ceci de mon lit), nous sommes allés directement au lit car c’était 8 heures de vol épuisantes. Nous nous sommes réveillé dans l'après-midi, puis on a commencé à visiter les gens du quartier, certains marchés et des lieux autour du coin et tout sa par nos guides super sympa Suso et Prince - merci beaucoup les gars! J Plus tard ce jour-là nous avons juste glandé (chill) et apprécié le soleil. Lundi, nous avons pu rencontrer le chef du Centre de santé de  Brikama, monsieur Ngally A. S. et les sages-femmes qui y travaillent. Mardi, nous avons encore glandé et le mercredi, nous avons commencé notre travail dans la salle d’accouchement! Mes prochains posts (si possible avec la connexion) vont parler de mon expérience ici comme un «touriste» et étudiante obstétricaux- désolé pour ceux qui, la plupart du temps, viennent ici pour les outfit posts .. Je reprendrais mes post ‘normal’ une fois de retour en Europe! :D
Je voudrais pouvoir poster autant que je le voudrais, mais l'internet ici est lent. Aussi je n'ai pas ma caméra prof’ avec moi, toutes les  photos ici sont prises avec mon téléphone. Et oh, il y a ici de très beaux endroits que je m’imagine prendre des outfit shots … mais mes  talentueux photographes ne sont pas ici! Et je n’ai pas apporté beaucoup de vêtements car je suis venu pour autres chose. Peut-être à l'avenir, qui sait?

Ce que je peux dire maintenant, même si je craignais de venir ici, c’est que je ne regrette pas de faire mon stage ici!! Je suis super heureuse et reconnaissants d'être ici! Il fait très bon ici et les gens sont très sympa! Ceci est l’un de mes meilleur choix que j’ai fait cette année et je remercie vous tous, ceux qui ont cru en moi! Besos 


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Midwifery Internship




No, I'm not (yet) on vacation! As I had mentioned in my last post (here), I'm going to Gambia. My first trip of the year yeaahh! I would like to travel alot in my future! Dream dream dream ...

But this trip is school-related. I'm actualy going to Gambia for my internship as a midwife student and this for three months. I'm going there with four other beautiful classmates Eveline, Gwenny, Nikita and Sara! Together we look so forward to it! :D But I must admit that I am nervous too! Like whooaaattt, I feel like I'm slowly growing up, you know hahah! So my internship will be in a Health Centre where I will do (assist) deliveries, accompany women during labor, childbirth and after childbirth. Ohh if you only knew how much I want to learn so badly! I want to see so much, to listen, to talk, to help, to grow, to assist and to anticipate, to learn new and other techniques, ... aah there's so much that this little girl (me) wants! But I will do my best to accomplish this all by practicing and to continue taking chances! 
Besides all this school stuff, I also want to discover the country, know their culture, know the population of Gambia, their food, their health organisation and other things! I want to enjoy the sun, the companie of the gambians and my classmates and so much more! I hope that everything will be okey! :D

You can follow our adventures on our Facebook page. It is in Dutch, sorry my english and french readers. I will try, if we have 'enough' internet there,  to keep you occasionally up to date via my EyoSunny Facebook Fan Page and also here on the blog. Is there anybody who have been to Gambia on vacation or who lives there? Some tips for tourists / students?

In my upcoming 'Studies' post I will explain how I got this internship, knowing that London was my number one on the list ... Have a great weekend! 

~~ Non, je ne suis pas (encore) en vacances! Comme je l'ai mentionné dans un de mes derniers posts (ici), je vais en Gambie. Mon premier voyage de l'année yeah! Ahh je voudrais voyager beaucoup dans mon avenir! Rêve rêve rêve ...
Mais ce voyage est pour mes études. En fait je vais en Gambie pour mon stage en tant qu'étudiant sage-femme et ce pour trois mois. Je vais là-bas avec quatre autres camarades de classe Eveline, Gwenny, Nikita et Sara! Ensemble nous attendons  avec impatience pour partir! Mais je dois avouer que je suis aussi nerveuse! Parce que ... whaaat, je sens que je suis entrain de grandir petit à petit haha! Donc mon stage sera dans un centre de santé et je fairais et assisterais (aider) des accouchements. J'accompagnerais ainsi  les femmes pendant le travail, l'accouchement et après l'accouchement. Ohh si vous saviez à quel point je veux apprendre! Je veux voir tellement beaucoup de choses, je veux écouter, je veux parler, je veux aider, assister et anticiper, je veux apprendre de nouvelles et d'autres techniques, ... aah icette petite (moi) veux tellement de choses haha.  Mais je ferai de mon mieux pour accomplir tout cela en pratiquant et de continuer à prendre mes chances!
En plus de tout ca, je veux aussi apprendre le pays, connaître la culture, la population, la nourriture, l'organisation de la santé de Gambie et d'autres choses! Je veux profiter du soleil, de la companie des Gambiens et mes camarades de classe et bien plus encore! J'éspere que tout va bien se passer! :D

Vous pouvez suivre nos aventures sur notre page Facebook. Il est en Néerlandais, désolé mes lecteurs anglais et français. Je vais essayer, si nous avons 'assez de courant d'internet là-bas, de prendre le temps pour vous tenir au courant de nos aventures via ma page Facebook EyoSunny et aussi ici sur le blog.
Est-ce qu'il ya quelqu'un qui a déja été en Gambie en vacances ou qui y habite? Quelques conseils pour les touristes/étudiants?

Dans mon prochain post 'Studies', je vous expliquerais comment je suis arrivé à ce stage, sachant que Londres était mon numéro un sur la liste ... Bon weekend! 

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